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Glorious Morning Glory

There were times that I felt really sleepy while inside the lab. There were also times when I can’t find anything to do while the participants are busy with their workshops. And then there were times that I felt really bored. During these times, I’d go out on a walk at the school grounds. In one of my walks I came across these dainty flowers. They were small but oh so lovely. Later I learned that the flower’s name is morning glory. Ma’am Norma (Principal of Abas NHS) also told me that the flowers bloom only in the mornings. In the middle of the day and at night the petals are closed as if it’s a bud and not a full blown flower. I took note of this and it was true! The next day, I woke up while it was still dark. True enough the flowers are like buds. Later, when the sun was high up in the sky, they were all open. And then later again in the day, they were again like buds.



The BSU iSchools team conducted the CILC and ICT4BE Training simultaneously in three public high schools in La Union – Acao National High School (ANHS), Cuenca National High School (CNHS) and San Luis National High School (SLNHS).


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