BSU goes to Abra for CILC Rollout

 1st Cut
September 18-20,2009


Second school in my itinerary for this year’s series of CILC trainings was Abas National High School in Sallapadan, Abra. We started early in the morning of September 18, 2009, and early means 2:00 in the morning. We had a little bit of adventure when we were maybe 45 minutes along the way. We received a call from our PM asking if Manong Lito was with us. Now we didn’t know Manong Lito was supposed to ride with us in the van. We had no choice but to go back especially since Manong Lito will be our guide to the school. Manong Lito is originally from Abra and he isof course familiar with the place and the people. Continue reading