Amidst busy days, the heat and the stress, we were able to find a little bit of happiness in a plastic of toasted mamon and brownies. These, according from our short chikka with the store owner, were from the famous distributor of stuffed breads and cookies – Lemon Square. These are those that did not pass quality control. And instead of letting them go to waste, the company or those who are connected to the company found a way to get a little bit of additional income by toasting them, repackaging and distributing them to small stores for sale.

A plastic costs P17.00. I have to admit though it was delicious. Never mind where it came from. Never mind the thought that these were reject materials. It was still delicious. As they say anyway – “What you can’t see won’t harm you.”

Oh well, this is just one of those cases that shows the ingenuity of the Pinoys and that value of not letting everything go to waste. We always find use for somebody else’s trash and get money from it. Again, as they say we should reuse, reduce and recyle. I guess that goes for everything even food.