Working with the masters

As online writers, we’re supposed to come up with articles everyday. Now we’re no professional writers. Although we underwent the necessary training, we still think that we need more practice, and we need the guidance of masters.

Fortunately, two masters came our way – Sir Joe Torres and Sir Fort Nicolas, Jr.

During the first few days of Camp Blog our practice was to write an article, turn it in and they will edit it prior to posting to the Camp blog. In the middle of camp, we changed mode. We were given specific topics, and we’re supposed to write feature articles (not just straight news). We were given a few days to gather data for our topic and then we have to submit the articles to Sir Joe’s e-mail and then they will set a day for critiquing.

They actually call “critiquing”,  panlalait. And it was really that, panlalait. Nilait ang aming mga articles.

But it was a good form of panlalait, mind you. We actually welcomed it, especially since we recognize their expertise and we really lack experience in this field.

For myself, even if I have been teaching about writing, I am not that confident when it comes to the actualy nitty gritty of it.

During our few sessions with Sir Joe and Sir Fort, we learned a lot. I have proven that writing cannot be really taught, but it can be learned.

To Sir Joe and Sir Fort…THANK YOU!

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