Experimenting with DOF

I got to know my Canon 400D (c/o iSchools Project) better after a brief one-on-one session with Mr. Jimmy Domingo.

I’ve been using this camera for quite some time now, but haven’t had the chance to experiment on it. I am not also familiar with the other controls. Although I always bring the manual with me, I couldn’t seem to take the time to read it.That’s why, most of the time I take pictures using the various automatic modes – e.g. portrait, landscape, sports, etc. And then of course, there’s always the full auto mode

Sir Jimmy was the Camp Blog’s resource person on basic photography. During his lecture, he touched on working with the manual settings of the camera – TV, AV, M, etc. So there, I got to understand the camera more.

After his lecture, we sort of pulled Sir Jimmy on one side and asked him some more stuff about photography and cameras.

I was also inspired by his pictures. You can see some of these in his site. A photography enthusiast myself, I try to browse sites that could give more ideas  about what good pictures to take and how to take. And as he was showing his pictures, I told myself to work on the craft.

I loved the dramatic DOF effect. And knowing my camera a little better, I set out to use what I have learned that day.

Here are some pictures of the participants, showing my feeble attempt at setting the DOF.

Ma'am Belen misses her daughters and wishes she was at home.

Ma'am Belen misses her daughters and wishes she was at home.

 camp 094

camp 093


camp 078camp 274


  1. Put your Av at the lowest number and you will surely get that DOF. I like shooting portraits using AV mode.

  2. Ma’am Mafe,
    Missed the last activity at Camp Blog, but I have to attend an important meeting the following day, so off to Batac I went. Well, thanks for giving me the cue where to “revisit” Camp Blog through the pictures… I had a grand time at the Camp!
    I sure love the activities, and I wish I could put them to use the earliest possible time…but access to the web remains a problem in school. I can only browse through my site at night at home. I still have a lot of work to do with my DEDP report, due for finalization on June 15, plus I got MRs, (mentally retarded), and HIs (hearing impaired) in my class this school year… another round of a big challenge! Can you please “ring” somebody who could help me?

    • ma’am anong klaseng tulong ang kailangan ninyo?E pang superwoman ho yata ang powers na kailangan ninyo with all that you have to do.hehe

  3. great! enjoy your photography with passion!

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