First ever camp blog kicks off in Angeles City, Pampanga

The Commission on Information and Communications Technology (CICT) iSchools project continues to be an innovative provider of ICT-related experiences and opportunities as it implements the first-ever Camp Blog on May 17-28, 2009.

The term Camp Blog may well be adopted from the famous 2008 Disney Channel Original Movie, Camp Rock, but this event has an identity of its own, especially when the participants started to come in. The “campers” are a combination of teachers and students from the various iSchools beneficiaries from the different parts of the country. These teachers and students underwent screening, i.e. they had to comply with the requirements set by the camp organizers before they could be a part of this event.

On the first day, the participants became followers of Charles Darwin, William Shakespeare, and Albert Einstein. How? Some characteristics and life events of these scientists, to which the participants can identify with, were used as bases for grouping the participants.

After fitting in their group, the participants’ individuality and uniqueness stood out as they began to paint their bags. Armed with brushes and paints, they set out to put symbols that best describe their personality. After a few m

Campers await instructions for their getting-to-know-you activity

Campers await instructions for their getting-to-know-you activity

inutes, a gallery of colorfully and artistically painted rucksack bags filled the workshop area. Each participant presented his/her work and this became the set-up for the getting-to-know-you phase.

This is but just the icing on the cake. A lot of activities will ensue in the next ten days, which are, of course, aimed at coming up with digital content that may be uploaded in the iSchools portal. The camp endeavors to orient high school teachers and students on the various free educational tools and resources available in the Internet with the greater aim of enhancing and facilitating a dynamic teaching-learning experience.

Set in the picturesque Montevista Villas in Angeles City, Pampanga, the Camp Blog is hosted by the Pampanga Agricultural College.

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