SPW in N. Luzon: SUC,PHS, LGU and PTCA in motion

A lot of our problems in the country today are being blamed on the present administration. Increase in prizes of commodities, erratic economic growth, environmental degradation, hunger, malnutrition, etc. – blame it on PGMA. I must admit, I have my own complaints too. But then, I got involved in a government project, which I have to say, showed me the good side of this government – the iSchools project.

I got involved in the project as the online writer, only last year, although it started in 2006. Since then, I got to know more about the good things the government is doing via this project.

We are already in the process of establishing the second batch of iSchools. We have already selected the recipient schools and then there was the community mobilization which aimed to check the preparedness of these schools in accepting all that the project entails. Just recently, on March 25, 2009 we had the Sustainability Planning
Workshop at the Heritage Resort in Caoayan, Ilocos Sur.

There were almost 130 delegates from the various public high schools (PHS) and supportive local government unit representatives in Northern Luzon. These public high schools were chosen to be beneficiaries of a computer laboratory, composed of 21 units of computers, internet connection and multimedia projector.

During the opening program, Dr. Marino Baytec, Schools Division Superintendent of the Department of Education in Ilocos Sur drove home the importance and power of information and communication technology (ICT). He delighted at the benefits of the Google and You Tube. He also encouraged the participants to expose their children to the countless possibilities that ICT can offer.

Dr. Rafael B. Querubin, President of the Ilocos Sur Polytechnic State College (ISPSC) reminisced the days of old where there was only a typewriter and compared it to the present with the computers and other high end technologies.

To achieve the objectives of the activity, a series of lectures and workshops were done.
Lectures were on the following:
a. The iSchools Project Cycle Management
b. Project Sustainability Framework/Process Flowchart
c. Sustainability Considerations
d. Presentation of Models, Checklist, Templates
e. Financial Planning Cluster Presentation

And workshops were on:
a. Sustainability Issues and Concerns
b. Stakeholders Analysis
c. Financial Planning
d. Planning for the Sustainability of iSchools

What struck me most during this event was the open forum and presentation of workshop outputs. I saw the hopes, dreams, aspirations and fervor of the public high school representatives in seeing this project through. They were effervescent in providing inputs and sharing their ideas on how the project could be sustained. Commendable also is the patience and support of the local government and the members of the Parent-Teacher-Community Association (PTCA). They pledged their commitment in providing the finances, security and other needs of the iSchools project. What’s more, they were not there just to be seen. They actively participated in the workshops and voiced out their concerns during the discussions.

From all the interactions and contributions, you could see a “bayanihan” of some sort in motion. There were various groups moving in one direction for the realization of a noble goal. And this is what we Filipinos are known for. This project shows the Filipino value of “bayanihan”, at its best. And when we say “bayanihan”, we mean, unity, kindness, support, industry, resilience, etc.

I commend the brains behind this project. I only hope that we will all sustain the zeal, commitment, and enthusiasm in continuing this project and in seeing to it that those who are supposed to benefit shall be able to utilize it to the optimum.

I am positive that the high school students who will soon be tinkering with the equipment that the CICT will be providing will be overjoyed. Well who wouldn’t be? Most of these students have been clamoring to have the opportunity to enjoy all the benefits of having computers and internet connection, a clamor that seems to be impossible before. But now, because of this project, their clamors have been answered.

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