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Homeward bound

I felt like singing chris Daughtry’s song…”I’m going home to the place where I belong…”

Yep, it was time to go. Knowing that it may take a long time again for us to come back or pass this way again, we took advantage of the good weather, the goodness of our driver and the presence of our own service car and took some pictures on some of the landmarks of Abra. Continue reading

Glorious Morning Glory

There were times that I felt really sleepy while inside the lab. There were also times when I can’t find anything to do while the participants are busy with their workshops. And then there were times that I felt really bored. During these times, I’d go out on a walk at the school grounds. In one of my walks I came across these dainty flowers. They were small but oh so lovely. Later I learned that the flower’s name is morning glory. Ma’am Norma (Principal of Abas NHS) also told me that the flowers bloom only in the mornings. In the middle of the day and at night the petals are closed as if it’s a bud and not a full blown flower. I took note of this and it was true! The next day, I woke up while it was still dark. True enough the flowers are like buds. Later, when the sun was high up in the sky, they were all open. And then later again in the day, they were again like buds.


BSU goes to Abra for CILC Rollout

 1st Cut
September 18-20,2009


Second school in my itinerary for this year’s series of CILC trainings was Abas National High School in Sallapadan, Abra. We started early in the morning of September 18, 2009, and early means 2:00 in the morning. We had a little bit of adventure when we were maybe 45 minutes along the way. We received a call from our PM asking if Manong Lito was with us. Now we didn’t know Manong Lito was supposed to ride with us in the van. We had no choice but to go back especially since Manong Lito will be our guide to the school. Manong Lito is originally from Abra and he isof course familiar with the place and the people. Continue reading

Weather blues…

The weather’s been so unpredictable since we came last Friday. Generally though, it’s been really hot! And I mean really hot. There are no air conditioning units inside the laboratories yet and the four electric fans that are running nonstop everyday are not enough to dispel off the heat. It rains hard sometimes in the night and during the mornings, and sometimes an occasional drizzle here and then during the day. In between these are a test to our endurance to heat. And then even if it rained, it was still hot. At the end of each day, we would be craving for a very much needed cold shower.

Each member of the team is not without a bottle of mineral water. I myself who came from the lowlands was not impervious to the heat. My sinuses are already a little big clogged due to the heat during the day and then exposure to air conditioning at night in our lodging house.

Anyway, here are some more pictures of the participants and the BSU team.


Amidst busy days, the heat and the stress, we were able to find a little bit of happiness in a plastic of toasted mamon and brownies. These, according from our short chikka with the store owner, were from the famous distributor of stuffed breads and cookies – Lemon Square. These are those that did not pass quality control. And instead of letting them go to waste, the company or those who are connected to the company found a way to get a little bit of additional income by toasting them, repackaging and distributing them to small stores for sale.

A plastic costs P17.00. I have to admit though it was delicious. Never mind where it came from. Never mind the thought that these were reject materials. It was still delicious. As they say anyway – “What you can’t see won’t harm you.”

Oh well, this is just one of those cases that shows the ingenuity of the Pinoys and that value of not letting everything go to waste. We always find use for somebody else’s trash and get money from it. Again, as they say we should reuse, reduce and recyle. I guess that goes for everything even food.


The BSU iSchools team conducted the CILC and ICT4BE Training simultaneously in three public high schools in La Union – Acao National High School (ANHS), Cuenca National High School (CNHS) and San Luis National High School (SLNHS).


Continue reading

Post-Camp Blog Blues

It’s been more than a month since Camp Blog and I’m missing a lot about it.

Just this morning, I was cleaning my files and came across the pictures taken during the camp. Most of them were of the participants engrossed infront of a computer. Some of them were during light and funny moments. Some of them were of the speakers, the coordinators, etc. Browsing through them made me remember of some personalities that made the event more entertaining.

I’m posting here some pictures to help you remember too.

Continue reading

Experimenting with DOF

I got to know my Canon 400D (c/o iSchools Project) better after a brief one-on-one session with Mr. Jimmy Domingo.

I’ve been using this camera for quite some time now, but haven’t had the chance to experiment on it. I am not also familiar with the other controls. Although I always bring the manual with me, I couldn’t seem to take the time to read it.That’s why, most of the time I take pictures using the various automatic modes – e.g. portrait, landscape, sports, etc. And then of course, there’s always the full auto mode Continue reading

Working with the masters

As online writers, we’re supposed to come up with articles everyday. Now we’re no professional writers. Although we underwent the necessary training, we still think that we need more practice, and we need the guidance of masters.

Fortunately, two masters came our way – Sir Joe Torres and Sir Fort Nicolas, Jr. Continue reading